Tuesday, December 1, 2009

K is for Knicker Picker Upper

Because one of the most integral rules in burlesque is to NEVER EVER PICK UP YOUR OWN CLOTHES, this creates a large demand for Knicker Picker Uppers. A good way for new performers to get their start, a Knicker Picker Upper’s job consists of picking up knickers as well as anything else that may have been discarded by the performers during their act. A KPU may also act as stage manager and is usually responsible for the placing and removing of any props the performer may need for her act. A KPU does not remove any clothing herself but is usually dressed in lingerie or other scandalous costume. Knicker Picker Uppers can be male or female and may have establish a character or identity of their own Other names for Knicker Picker Upper include Maid, Stage Kitty, Sweeper or Stage Bunny.

The photo above is of Miss Fitt, a regular stage kitty at the Vancouver Weekly Burlesque Show Kitty Nights getting some sound advice from the host of Kitty Nights, the Purrfessor. Miss Fitt is an excellent example of a new performer who got their start in Burlesque as a knicker picker upper who is now enjoying a successful transition into the burlesque community as a full fledged Burlesque performer.

For more info on the Purrfessor and Kitty Nights click here
Photographer unknown but I would love to credit you!

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